Either comprehensive
algorithm support

Automated insulin dosage suggestions for basal bolus therapy of patients with type 2 diabetes:

  • Initial dose suggestions at therapy start (by physicians)
  • Patient-specific suggestions for the daily adjustment of insulin doses (by doctors or nursing staff)
  • Dose calculation for individual insulin administrations (by nurses) based on the prescribed doses, current blood sugar level and meal

GlucoTab Basal Bolus Therapy
This is the therapy regimen recommended by guidelines for in-patients.
To reduce complications during in-patient therapy, a fixed blood glucose target range is aimed for.

GlucoTab Basal Insulin (BOT/BIT) Therapy
For geriatric patients with less restrictive blood glucose target values or if therapy with basal insulin is sufficient (e.g. after newly initiated insulin therapy)
The therapy intensity depends on the health status

or manual prescription in the electronic diabetes chart

Comprehensive electronic drug prescription, visualization and administration support make GlucoTab a powerful and comprehensive solution for all anti-hyperglycemic therapies.

  • Free prescription of insulin and oral anti-diabetic drugs, as well as blood glucose target range
  • Correction schemes for short-acting insulins depending on blood glucose
  • Dose calculation for nurses with safety functions such as active insulin “on board”

Bolus calculator for intensive insulin therapy of patients with type 1 diabetes.

GlucoTab digitizes the treatment workflow by supporting all tasks related to blood glucose management, taking into account their interdependencies and special cases.

  • Clear presentation of “open tasks” for physicians and nurses
  • Specially adapted procedures for patients who perform self-management on the ward
  • Support of verbal orders and confirmation by doctors

The physicians have the choice whether they opt for the automatic dosage support when prescribing, or whether the insulin dosage is carried out manually by the doctor.

The system was developed in close cooperation with clinical staff, resulting in an intuitive user experience.

Simple, structured input and clear output of the most important medical parameters, such as blood glucose, insulin dosage and meals.

Clear distribution of responsibilities between the occupational groups with precise control of which events / drug doses / blood sugar values require prescription or approval by doctors

The GlucoTab® system is a CE marked medical device. The system was developed, tested and verified according to medical device software regulation in compliance with international standards.