Two user interface options for all conditions

  • The tablet interface makes it possible to treat patients directly at their bedsides.
  • A web browser interface allows access from a desktop PC and integration into hospital IT

Data storage and all safety-relevant calculations are performed on a local server. This guarantees data security and connectivity with the hospital information system. In principle, GlucoTab® can run in any hospital equipped with a hospital information system.

HL7 ADT interface for patient data keeps ward patient information up to date.

HL7 laboratory data interface for the import of lab values or blood glucose measurements from PoCT devices.

GUI integration into hospital information systems: Open tasks are displayed in the clinical workplace. GlucoTab can be run in-place, no extra login required.
A “plug and play” solution is available for integration in to embed GlucoTab into the SAP GUI.

Integration into electronic medication (under development for Prescriptions and administered medication are transferred from GlucoTab to the medication system, home-therapy and prescribed therapy can be transferred via interface, dispensing of OADs is performed with all other tablets in the medication system.

User authentication on the tablet can be performed with existing user and role management (Windows Active Directory). So users don’t have to remember new passwords.

Tablets: Security measures such as disabling of functions and kiosk mode are implemented, can optionally be ensured by mobile device management solutions of the operator.

Good WiFi connectivity is required for use on a tablet.