GlucoTab® version 6.0 (march 2019)

  • GlucoTab is now also approved for the documentation of the therapy of patients with type 1 diabetes.
  • Bolus calculator for intensive insulin therapy: dose calculation based on carbohydrate factor after input of carbohydrate exchange units and correction factor.
  • Basal insulin can now be administered in basal bolus therapy at different times of the day. Up to now, the administration of long-acting insulin was only intended for noon in basal bolus therapy with decision support. Now the administration can also be prescribed in the evening and before going to bed.
  • Presentation of the insulin daily dose in basal bolus therapy over time in the therapy plan during therapy adjustment
  • Support of patient self-management:
    • If patients are marked as self-management patients, prescriptions of insulin with undetermined dose (X) are proposed because the patient himself defines the dose.
    • Of course, in this case no tasks for physicians are generated for the X orders.
    • Subsequent entry of blood glucose measurements and medication administered by the patient is possible.
  • Prescription and presentation of the blood glucose measurement frequency are possible in the medication plan over time and in advance.
  • Standardization of the user interface for nurses in different roles: Menu item therapy adjustment for entering verbal one-time orders for all nurses
  • Improved presentation of prescriptions “every n days” in the medication plan
  • Uniform sorting of medications in the therapy course, in the medication plan and during medication administration
  • Display GFR value for evaluation of kidney function (patient’s most recent value available from laboratory).
  • Double blood glucose values are only displayed once in the therapy profile. (e.g. if values are recorded manually when measuring with POCT device and received via laboratory)
  • The prescribed blood glucose target range is displayed in the therapy course diagram
  • Improved display of the prescribed insulin correction scheme by mouseover in the medication plan during prescription on the PC

GlucoTab® version 5.2 (march 2018)

In this version, new features have been added to the “electronic diabetes chart” and improvements have been made for ease of use, safety and configurability of the system.

  • Dispensing of oral medication: Marking as dispensed individually per day
  • Optimized workflow for prescriptions with undetermined dose: If an undetermined dose (X) is prescribed in a time of day, the tasks for the nurses for BG measurement and medication administration become immediately visible. Only when the blood glucose value is available, the physician task for prescribing the missing dose displayed.
  • Possibility to prescribe postprandial blood glucose measurements. Automatic generation of tasks for blood glucose measurement after the preprandial measurement (e.g. at intervals of one hour).
  • Possibility of displaying verbal orders and confirmation by a physician
  • Injectable non-insulins (e.g. GLP-1 analogues) are displayed together with the insulins for subcutaneous administration.
  • Blocking mechanism to avoid simultaneous ordering and administration of drugs
  • Safety measure: correction scheme cannot be prescribed in combination with an undetermined dose
  • Display of the currently calculated dose suggestion (e.g. due to correction scheme) also for physicians during prescription
  • Display of additional details on medication administrations already performed:
    • Composition of insulin dose (dose calculation, adjustment by user)
    • for oral orders: who has ordered, who has carried out the administration
  • Improved positioning of dialogues on the PC
  • Enrolment of a patient “without inpatient treatment” e.g. for preoperative examination in the outpatient unit
  • Revision of the HL7 ADT patient interface for more flexible adaptability to specifics of implementation in the organization

GlucoTab® version 5.1 (october 2017)

In this release, various details of the documentation functionality and work process support have been improved to increase flexibility and further simplify use.

  • Backdating of medication administrations for retrospective documentation (e.g. for self-management patients) is now possible.
  • Free text comments in the therapy plan: The comments from blood sugar values and medication prescriptions are displayed for each day in the therapy plan. Furthermore, free text comments can be added and edited by all users.
  • In addition to the prescribed drug dose, also the administered dose is displayed in the medication plan.
  • Conversion of laboratory values by configuration: e.g. the HbA1c value can optionally be displayed in the “new” unit mmol/mol or the “old” unit %.
  • Extension of the patient status information transmitted to the hospital information system: Patients with insulin therapy can be highlighted.
  • Individually prescribed blood glucose measurements are visible in the therapy plan in a space-saving manner.

GlucoTab® version 5.0 (july 2017)

With this version, GlucoTab made the step to a universally usable electronic diabetes solution, integrated into the hospital information system.

  • New user interface for use on the desktop PC
  • Integration in Hospital Information Systems (HIS) – implemented in by KAGes
  • Comprehensive support of the medication workflow for all blood glucose-lowering drugs (prescription, verbal order, determination of dose at a later time, insulin correction schemes, etc.)
  • Additional data interfaces: Import of laboratory parameters, transfer of open tasks to HIS