GlucoTab at Steiermärkische KAGes

Steiermärkische Krankenanstaltengesellschaft operates 11 regional hospitals at 20 locations and 4 regional care centres.

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After the initial development and clinical evaluation of GlucoTab at University Hospital Graz, GlucoTab was used and evaluated in routine operation for the first time at Hartberg hospital in June 2017.

In the meantime, GlucoTab is being rolled out to all KAGes hospitals.

Further Information:

  • Resume of a reference customer (Qualitas 01-2018)
    After 8 months of use of GlucoTab at Hartberg hospital, KAGes concludes: More safety for patients with diabetes.

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  • KAGes receives IDC Health Award 2019
    “Steiermärkische KAGes” hospital organization was awarded IDC Health Award 2019 in the category “Creating Trust” for the GlucoTab project.
    The IDC Health Awards were created in 2018 to recognize and highlight innovative and visionary projects for digital transformation in the healthcare sector.
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  • Evaluation of the routine operation as electronic diabetes record
    Publication of the results from the pilot at Hartberg hospital.
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  • Evaluation of the GlucoTab Basal-Bolus algorithm in routine operation
    Results of the use of GlucoTab in routine operation at the University Hospital Graz.
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  • More results from clinical research
    More publications can be found in the publications section.