The GlucoTab® system provides support for nursing staff and physicians involved in the insulin therapy of patients with diabetes on hospital wards. The system improves blood glucose management workflow and automatically suggests correct insulin dosages.


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Comprehensive therapy support through GlucoTab

GlucoTab Therapy Algorithms

Evidence-based, clinically tested therapy algorithms support the individual patient's blood glucose control.
  • Calculation of a safe insulin dose at the start of therapy, prescribed by physicians
  • Daily suggestion for the adjustment of the planned daily insulin dose (by physicians or nursing staff)
  • Dose calculation for each individual insulin dose considers blood glucose level and meal (nursing staff)

Therapy without algorithm support

Prescription and adjustment of the therapy exclusively by physicians.

The dose calculation for nurses is supported by:

  • Bolus calculator for type 1 diabetes / intensive insulin therapy
  • Sliding scale for supplemental insulin
GlucoTab Basal-Bolus Therapy

This is the type of therapy recommended by guidelines for in-patients.
To reduce complications during in-patient therapy, a fixed blood glucose target range is aimed for.

GlucoTab Basal Insulin (BOT/BIT) Therapy

For geriatric patients with less restrictive blood glucose target values or if therapy with basal insulin is sufficient (e.g. after newly initiated insulin therapy)
Therapy intensity depends on the health status

Physician-driven therapy

For patients, whose individual metabolic situation requires special medical therapy.

Patient Self-Management

Flexible documentation if trained patients perform insulin dosing themselves also in inpatient diabetes management.
Patient determines dose himself

GlucoTab Basal-Bolus Therapy
GlucoTab Basal Insulin (BOT/BIT) Therapy
Physician-driven therapy
Patient Self-Management
  • long acting insulin once daily
  • short acting insulin with each meal and to correct high BG values
  • combination with certain oral antidiabetics or incretins possible
  • mainly long-acting insulin once daily
  • in combination with oral antidiabetic drugs and incretins
  • optional addition of short-acting insulin in the morning or with the largest meal of the day

All variants of medication prescription can be freely selected and dosed:

  • long acting insulin
  • short acting insulin
    • fixed dose order
    • supplemental insulin (sliding scale) for high BG values
    • bolus calculator for intensive insulin therapy using carbohydrate factor and correction factor
  • premixed insulin
  • incretins
  • oral antidiabetic drugs

Electronic diabetes medication management system

User-friendly performance and visualisation of all relevant operations for blood glucose management. Open tasks for physicians and nursing staff support the workflow.

GlucoTab Benefits

GlucoTab helps improve the quality of care. This means that each group involved in the treatment process benefits: Medical staff are better supported and mistakes are avoided. Patients directly benefit from improved treatment, while the organisations that run the healthcare facility benefit from a reduction in costs.

GlucoTab Process

GlucoTab® enables the electronic planning, performance and documentation of all ward specific workflow steps necessary for managing blood sugar. Medical doctors and nurses receive all relevant information context-sensitively. Workflow is additionally supported by unobtrusive visual reminders.

About us

The company „decide Cinical Software GmbH" specializes in solutions that support clinical decisions and processes – GlucoTab for diabetes mellitus is our first product. Thus, we support anyone responsible for treating patients in making decisions - many times a day, with each decision a brand new challenge..

GlucoTab Version 8.1 was released in August 2022

The big news of GlucoTab version 8.1 in August 2022 was the GlucoTab App for cobas® pulse, the new blood glucose meter for hospitals from Roche Diagnostics.

As of 11/22/2022, the GlucoTab app for cobas pulse is now officially released for the platform and available on it.

The native Android app has been customized for the display and the specific requirements of cobas pulse.
The main functions used by nurses in diabetes management are fully available.

GlucoTab Version 8.0

GlucoTab Version 8.0 is available since February 2022

This version mainly brings the following innovations:

New therapy type: Documentation of intravenous insulin infusion with infusion pump

  • Composition of the infusion
  • Specification of a time interval for the blood glucose measurement frequency, which is automatically varied in the event of hypo- or hyperglycaemia.
  • Scheme for proposed flow rate as a function of blood glucose that can be predefined
  • Continuous documentation of the flow rate with presentation in the course of therapy chart
  • Optimisation of the therapy plan for the presentation of i.v. and s.c. Insulin prescriptions

New: Availability of insulin degludec (Tresiba®, Novo Nordisk®) in GlucoTab Algorithm supported therapy

  • A clinical study conducted by the Medical University of Graz confirmed safety and efficacy of the GlucoTab algorithm also with insulin degludec. Now this insulin is also available for therapy with the GlucoTab dosing support.

User interface redesign

  • The user interface has been substantially adapted so that the course of therapy (chart with blood glucose and documented activities) and therapy plan (order) are aligned exactly on top of each other with the same time axis.
  • In addition, the possibilities of customising the user interface by configuration (displayed fields, decimal places, organisational structure) to the needs of the customers have been extended
  • Improved wording and consistency of the user interface

Extended functionality for…

  • Enhancement of short-acting insulin prescription and correction schemes: meal dependency, correction scheme dependent on time of day, correction scheme can also reduce meal insulin
  • Gestational diabetes (blood glucose target ranges, own diabetes type)
  • Hypo-/ hyperglycaemia (extension of task generation)
  • Therapy start (take over the last known inpatient therapy, determine the insulin daily dose also from prior therapy and inpatient therapy)
  • Takeover of therapy as copyable character string for discharge

Improvements for integration: drug catalogue, organizational structure

For detailed information on previous GlucoTab releases see the GlucoTab Version History.

Articles about GlucoTab in the magazine Qualitas

High satisfaction with GlucoTab in routine operation

The article in Qualitas 04-2019 describes the results of the independent evaluation of the extensive pilot phase of GlucoTab in all departments of Hartberg hospital.

Trial with GlucoTab in geriatrics

The Qualitas article 02-2019 describes the clinical trial with GlucoTab with a new algorithm supported therapy regimen for geriatric patients.

Electronic diabetes chart

The article in Qualitas 04-2018 describes GlucoTab as a specialized electronic medication solution for diabetes.

Good blood glucose control...

... in hospital with GlucoTab support: description of the features and results of clinical trials in Qualitas 02-2018.

Resume of a reference customer

After 8 months of use of GlucoTab at Hartberg hospital, KAGes concludes: More safety for patients with diabetes, in Qualitas 01-2018.

The GlucoTab approach

Support of the care process and insulin dosage suggestions for nurses and physicians, this is initially presented in Qualitas 04-2017.

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