decide Clinical
Software GmbH


We specialise in solutions that support clinical decisions and processes – GlucoTab for diabetes mellitus is our first product. We support anyone responsible for treating patients in making decisions – many times a day, with each decision a brand new challenge.


Who’s behind it all?

decide Clinical Software GmbH was founded in April 2016 as a spin-off of the Medical University of Graz and JOANNEUM RESEARCH, a research and technology organisation located in Graz.

GlucoTab was developed to market maturity and successfully clinically tested in European and national research projects. The next step was to establish the company decide Clinical Software GmbH to bring the product to the market and to hospitals.

Several members of the development team have taken shares in the company. The Medical University of Graz and JOANNEUM RESEARCH are also shareholders.


What makes us special?

We are part of an interdisciplinary team – our employees, shareholders and development partners are physicians and nurses as well as computer science and medical technology engineers. Together, they work on the design, implementation, evaluation and product development of safe solutions to support patient care.