Standardized Glycemic Management with a Computerized Workflow and Decision Support System for Hospitalized Patients with Type 2 Diabetes at Different Wards

Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics 17(10):000-000, 2015.

GlucoTab® clinical evaluation of 99 patients across 4 different wards at the University Hospital of Graz:

Effectiveness: 72.5% of all blood sugar measurements were within target range. This is superior to standard care and equivalent to current best-practice studies.

Safety: The risk of hypoglycaemia is not increased in comparison to current best-practice studies (no serious hypoglycaemic events; only 1.8% of all blood sugar levels <70 mg/dl).

Acceptance and provider adherence: >95% of all planned work steps were carried out using the system, and suggested insulin doses were accepted in >95% of all cases.

Authors: Neubauer K, Mader J, Hoell B, Aberer F, Donsa K, Augustin T, Schaupp L, Spat S, Beck P, Fruhwald F, Schnedl C, Rosenkranz A, Lumenta D, Kamolz L, Plank J, Pieber TR