GlucoTab App R8.1 for cobas pulse now available

The big news of GlucoTab version 8.1 in August 2022 was the app for cobas® pulse, the new blood glucose meter for hospitals from Roche Diagnostics.

As of 11/22/2022, the GlucoTab app for cobas pulse is now officially released for the platform and available on it.

The native Android app has been customized for the display and the specific requirements of cobas pulse.

The main functions used by nurses in diabetes management are fully available:

  • Login/logout
  • Patient list / task overview
  • Patient main screen with blood glucose and therapy profile and buttons for open tasks
  • Display ordered therapy and prior therapy
  • Initiate BG measurement using the cobas pulse Glucose App
  • Enter BG measurements manually
  • Medication administration with display of dose suggestions
    • entering meal yes/no if necessary
    • changing the suggested medication dose possible
    • entering physician for verbal order
  • Dispensing oral medication / Cancel already documented dispensations
  • Adjustment of dispensation when an already dispensed medication order was changed
  • Therapy/dose adjustment in algorithm supported therapy
  • View/Edit/Delete already performed activities in therapy profile
  • Add/Edit/Delete free text comments in therapy plan

Patient enrollment as well as adding and editing prescriptions in Custom Therapy are primarily physician functions and are not (yet) available on cobas pulse.

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