The GlucoTab® system provides support for nursing staff and physicians involved in the insulin therapy of patients with Type 2 Diabetes on hospital wards. The system improves blood glucose management workflow and automatically suggests correct insulin dosages.

GlucoTab Benefits

GlucoTab helps improve the quality of care. This means that each group involved in the treatment process benefits:

Medical staff are better supported and mistakes are avoided. Patients directly benefit from improved treatment, while the organisations that run the healthcare facility benefit from a reduction in costs.

GlucoTab Process

GlucoTab® enables the electronic planning, performance and documentation of all ward specific workflow steps necessary for managing blood sugar. Medical doctors and nurses receive all relevant information context-sensitively. Workflow is additionally supported by a reminder application.

About us

The company „decide Cinical Software GmbH” specializes in solutions that support clinical decisions and processes – GlucoTab for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus is our first product. Thus, we support anyone responsible for treating patients in making decisions – many times a day, with each decision a brand new challenge..



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